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products by Bäckadräkten 

The internationally recognized folk costume project 
Sweden's first gender inclusive folk costume

Sewing pattern for Bäckadräkten

The package includes all the patterns for the parts in fabric & sewing description in Swedish. 
Also available in English with inches.
Signature Earings in sterling silver

Made by jewelry master Karin Li, Hälsingland, the heart of Sweden.
Bäckadräkten's limited edition Shawl

Designed by Ida Björs, Hälsingland.
Will be available later in 2024

Bäckadräkten's Signature Brooch, in sterling silver

Perfect for any folk costume shirt or as a folklore accessory.
Signature Cardigan
Designed by Eje Åhs

Order it as a whole, all with your specific needs and wants.​​​​​​​
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