Bäckadräkten is an innovative gender-inclusive folk costume made by project leader Fredy Samuel Lundh, textile designer Ida Björs and a wonderful team of queer artist and folk tradition nerds.

Here you find the process and research behind the costume as well as our continued work. ​​​​​​​
Do you want to buy the sewing pattern? 
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We also take orders for the full costume. 
Reach out and well create one together with you!

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The sewing pattern is released! 
And in 2024 we will start to sew together. 
Stay tuned!
The package includes all the patterns for the parts in fabric + sewing description.


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or contact us👇
Include: Name, Adress, Mobilenr and Email
Package Front
Package Front
Package Back
Package Back
Sewing Patterns
Sewing Patterns
A folk costume for everybody
A folk costume for everybody
Mössa + Framsida
Mössa + Framsida
Skor + Strumpor
Skor + Strumpor
Sjal + Baksida
Sjal + Baksida
Progress | Blog
We are knitting a Kofta to Bäckadräkten!
We are so proud to soon be able to share the pattern with you.

Do you want to knit it?
The future of the queer folk costume project #bäckadräkten is in the making. And you are all a part of it❤️
Kofta side
Kofta side
Kofta Back
Kofta Back
Kofta Front
Kofta Front
Happy News!
Bäckadräkten spreads its wings
I would love to know: How can we make it accessible for you?

Email or call me! Contacts above.

-> A sewing pattern will be created
->  Courses will take place
-> Lectures and tours are being planned. 
-> And you will get to co-create this adventure with us. Ideas or thoughts for this project?

The future of the queer folk costume project #bäckadräkten is in the making. And you are all a part of it❤️🍭
Let me present:
Step in to our new room beyond the binary. Let us together create a more open world with respect and curiosity to one another and our style and identity.  
This folk costume is just one way to work with norm criticism. The real work continues with us learning to listen to one self and others. You have a marvelous world in you and in your friends. Explore!

Do you want to sew your own? - Our next task is to create a sewing pattern that you can follow. Stay tuned...it will take some time...

My hopes are that you keep on playing with this costume. What do you want to change to make it fit you? 
Use your own colors or patterns from your town, make it even more fluffy/straight/big/beautiful, maybe it needs a pair of pants? Or a coat?

Take care and have FUN!
with love
// Fredy Clue | Fredy Samuel Lundh
Genomförts med stöd av:
Behind the scenes
So much work and ideas being shared. 
It took us 5,5 months to create this costume from scratch and know it's almost done!
Almost done testing
The livstycke/vest is coming along nicely. Ida has been hand dyeing the fabric for the byxkjol in indigo.
The shirt has taken Ida a long time to make. A lot of small details! Soon you will see them closely.
Much wow

Helena Karlsson Skotjänst Rättvik is the master behind these wonderful shoes made especially for Bäckadräkten.
Thank you Helena!!
Helena Karlsson in here studio
Helena Karlsson in here studio
My first tv interview!

I got this wonderful opportunity to talk about my take on identity and gender norms in clothes as well as my dear project you here read about.. 
All in Swedish so either that's OK or let us div in to it:
Kläder = Clothes
Ickebinär = Non Binary
Normer = Norms
Välkommen = Welcome
TESTing testing... 1.2.3...
 any changes needed??

A big moment! Finally testing the toiles all together!!
Only the livstycke/west is with the right fabric.. but we have ordered all the fabrics now.
So now it is just getting it all together. Wehoo!
Cutout doll...
I have never felt so naked and still so honored as when Ida draw me as a cutout doll (klippdocka). 
This is the last step in the Idéfas where everything starts to fit into place.
We are so happy!

The fabric for the livstycke/west is from Ljusdal. It is handwoven and we luckily found this that is  exactly the template of colors that we are using. Our inspiration comes from the transgender flag, white pink and blue.​​​​​​​
The fabric for the byxkjol is vadmal, a wool fabric that we will color with indigo.
We play with some shawls and will see if we have time to make them until deadline..
Toile toile toile!
Testing the design of the livstycke/west.
I am very pleased!
Sketches Sketches Sketches...
We are in the middle of the first phase of the project called Idéfas.
Ida is making a lot of wonderful collages (see them above) in where we find a lot of inspiration to sketch on our own ideas. 
We are designing these parts:
All is good! We'll see where it ends..​​​​​​​.
Vi är igång med projektet!
Planen är att designa och sy dräkten kommande månaderna Jan-Mar för att sedan bli klar till Juni. Vi är otroligt glada och taggade. Här är vi, jag i studion i Göteborg och Ida på länk i Stockholm. Nedan är de första skisserna på våra tankar och idéer:

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